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This website is no longer maintained (from 2017) as the project has been promoted to a next level. Please visit the Privacy by Design Foundation to find out more, where you can get all the information about the IRMA Phone app and about the attributes that you can collect and use with the IRMA technology.

Digital attributes are properties that some authority states about you. It can be your age, your bank account number, or your right for some discount at a shop. What is new about these attributes is that you can carry these data items on one smart card conveniently and still disclose them independently.

IRMA_cardSince the technology is protected by very strong cryptography, it provides security and privacy simultaneously. At last, you are in control of your attributes – I Reveal My Attributes, or IRMA for short, makes this possible!

If you want to learn more about the project and the technology, please click here.


  • Next IRMA meeting: September 23, 2016; Venue: SURFnet, Utrecht. Find the programme on the Events page.
  • The IRMA smartphone app for Android is now available. Try it yourself!
  • IRMA app on a (secure) Blackphone (read further)

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