Find out more about the IRMA project.

  • You can read an introduction to the IRMA project and its underlying technology.
  • You can read scientific papers about and in relation to IRMA.
  • You can watch talks and tutorials about IRMA.
  • Several Dutch language articles have been published in the press about IRMA.
  • You can also look at a poster that summarises the main technical features of IRMA.
  • You can download applications
  • Our implementations¬†are fully open source. So, you can study the code, install it on appropriate platforms (MULTOS , Android, etc.), and perform your own tests. We appreciate your comments.

One thought on “Resources

  1. Would like to find out more about IRMA
    Also would like that IRMA would find out more about ePortfolio as an Open Standard for exchange of data in education, labour market, hrm and social security services

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