The IRMA Pilot project started in November 2013.


December 13:

  • Coffee corners are ready in Nijmegen and Twente, students with an IRMA card are welcome to get a discount.
  • A voucher is available to download and buy software goodies at SURFspot. Go to the IRMA Services page for further information.

December 10: On December 7 the first batch of IRMA cards was produced. Several students have already picked up their IRMA cards. Those who registered for a card receive an e-mail with all the detail how to collect their card: location, time, authentication PIN, management PIN (PINs have to be known when you receive your card, however, you can change them any time later).

What can you do with your IRMA card now?

We keep on extending the range of applications where you can use your IRMA card!

November 18: Jaap-Henk Hoepman launched the IRMA pilot project with his kick-off presentation. Please see the slides here.

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