POS Terminal

A point-of-sales (POS) terminal is a reliable device that customers trust when entering the PINs of their bank cards. Using this trust relation, attributes on an IRMA card can also be checked by a payment terminal.

A new use case of the IRMA technology demonstrates that it is feasible and user-friendly to verify that a customer is over a certain age required to purchase an item. Before the payment is done, the vendor asks the customers to prove their eligibility.

The description and the images below show how we implemented this on an existing, commercially available POS terminal, commonly used in The Netherlands.

First, the shopkeeper checks the photo on your IRMA card to make sure that you are using your own card. Then you perform the following steps:

  1. Request Age verification (LEEFT.VERIF.) by clicking the corresponding button on the terminal.Age verification
  2. Enter your four-digit PIN that enables your IRMA card.PIN
  3. Place your card on the display. Hearing one beep denotes that communication between the card and the terminal has started.Card
  4. After hearing a double-beep, you can remove your card.Calculation
  5. When the verification succeeds, the terminal simultaneously emits a triple-beep and displays the IRMA-tick.

    IRMA tick

Finally, the shopkeeper can now sell you the requested articles. The actual payment is a separate process, which is not integrated with the IRMA age verification.

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